How subscriptions become indispensable to consumers' lives.

Today, there are more subscription services than ever—consumers can now pay a subscription fee to access entertainment services, transportation and groceries, on-demand fashion and more, across both B2C and B2B landscapes—shattering the traditional purchase funnel. For brands, this presents both opportunities and challenges, as companies seek to make their subscription services not just nice-to-have, but a need-to-have—deeply woven into their subscribers’ lives, offering users conveniences, access and perks that they feel they can’t live without.

New research from Digitas examines consumer subscription preferences—and what makes them feel indispensable to the consumer’s way of life.

A few highlights from “The Subscriber’s Dilemma: From ‘More Please’ to ‘No Thanks’” include:

Subscribers among the following categories believe these subscriptions to be absolutely essential:

  1. Clothing/Accessory Subscriptions (35%)
  2. Music (35%)
  3. TV/Movie (34%)
  4. Gaming (31%)
  5. Grocery (27%)
  6. Books (26%)
  7. Prepared Meals (24%)*
  8. Transportation (23%)
  9. Pet food/Supplies (23%)
  10. Personal Care (20%)

*Note: Small base size n<100

Motivators to subscribe:

  • Exclusive content? Nah: four out of five (81%) subscribers say access to exclusive content wasn’t a necessity to impact their decision to subscribe.
  • Peer validation: Adults aged 18 to 34 are more than 2X as likely as those aged 45+ to say they’re more likely to go forward with a full subscription if they’ve received compliments from peers on their subscription items.

Connecting with brands: Smart email marketing is surprisingly consumers’ preferred means of communication for correspondence related to their service, while chat bots are least preferred.

  • 68% say they prefer to hear from their subscription companies via email.
  • 3% say they prefer to hear from their subscription companies via chat bots.

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